What can My Smarter Home do for me?

Well, your Smarter Home with smart home automation can do pretty much anything you want it to. For example:

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions include temperature and humidity control. This is generally one of the most important aspects to a homeowner. A time-controlled thermostat, for example, can save money and help the environment, by controlling the home’s heating and air conditioning systems.

• Extinguish the lights of the house with a single touch of a button
• Replace manual switches with smart switches with programmable addresses
• Regulation of electric illumination levels according to the level of ambient light available
• Change the ambient colour of lighting via control of LEDs or electronic dimmers
• Natural lighting control can manage window shades

Audio and video:
This includes audio switching and distribution. Multiple audio or video sources can be selected and distributed to one or more rooms throughout the home.

Seeing is believing. Click here for our virtual tour, where you can test drive just a few of the many options available.

You can remotely view cameras from your home or business and watch live, via the internet, anywhere in the world. Cameras can be controlled, allowing you to observe activity around the house or business from a monitor or touch panel. Security systems can include motion sensors that will detect any kind of unauthorized movement and notify you via cell phone and notify your monitoring service.
Other options include:
• detection of possible intrusion
• motion sensors
• sensors to detect glass breaking
• simulate that someone is home, though the house is empty
• detectors for fire, gas leaks, water leaks and other hazards
• Medical Alert, emergency services, and Tele-assistance
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These allow communication between multiple rooms of the home. Another option: connecting the video-intercom-door-entry system to the television set allows you to see the door automatically. Touch screens can communicate to each other.

Here’s a detailed scenario:
An elderly person, who has a high risk of falling and injury, needs to be able to get safely to the bathroom during the night. If he/she gets out of bed between the hours of 10pm and 8am, lights in the bedroom and hallway come on at 50% of illumination, which increase gradually, over one minute, to 100%. The bathroom has a similar setting to avoid a harsh, sudden blast of light. After leaving the bathroom, the light automatically switches off. After the person gets back into bed, the room light dims from 100% to 50% over one minute and then switches off. If the householder does not leave the bathroom after a specified time, say 30 minutes, an alarm is activated. Between the hours of 8am and 10pm this functionality will not activate.

Of course, My Smarter Home (us guys) can make all of the above —and more— happen for you. Just give us a call. Soon you’ll be able to say to your neighbours: “This is MY Smarter Home.”

Seeing is believing. Click here for our virtual tour, where you can demo a few of the things we’ve mentioned above.

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