Do you offer packaged solutions?

There really is no such thing as a packaged solution when it comes to smart home automation. That is, there shouldn’t be. Any company that does offer you a package is not really looking after your best interests. After all, you want a custom solution –a Smarter solution – specific to your personal needs, don’t you?
We offer systems that are expandable. You may want to start with a single controller and remote for under $1,000. When you decide to add on features, you already have the brains of the system in place, you merely add the equipment you need. For instance, you might want to start with a controller and remote to eliminate the many remote controls that you have to watch a movie. Later, you might be interested in adding a few lights for security and convenience, or a front door lock that is accessible remotely.

Because every home is unique, we prefer to quote each project to suit your individual needs. However, we recognize that everyone likes to have some idea of what to budget. The following are examples of smart home automation systems:

$10,000 gets you: Click here

$25,000 gets you: Click here

$50,000 gets you: Click here

$75,000 gets you: Click here

$100,000+ gets you: a heck of a lot! By now you get the idea. And if you want to spend this kind of money, you really should have a free consultation with us. Click here to contact us today. | Login | Register