Old home. New home. Your home.

While a new home is more easily outfitted for smart home automation during construction, due to the accessibility of walls, outlets, and storage rooms, an existing home can be easily retrofitted to accommodate the required technologies.

When outfitting an existing house, there’s no need to rip down walls, thanks to our wireless options by using existing electrical wiring, radio frequency, or infrared signals with a central controller. Standard wiring already available in light switches and thermostats can also be used. We’ve done homes from one to 120 years old!

New homes can be built with basic systems in place, and easily expanded with future needs. Plan for your home theater, multi-room music, smart lighting and security system before construction, and add on as your budget allows.

What does it cost?

A Smarter Home can be a very simple grouping of controls. Or it can be heavily automated, where almost any electrical appliance can be remotely controlled. Associated costs include system design, equipment, components, furniture, custom installation and programming.

Because every home is unique, we prefer to quote each project individually. However, we recognize that everyone likes to have a budget in mind. The following are examples of smart home automation:

$10,000 gets you: Click here

$25,000 gets you: Click here

$50,000 gets you: Click here

$75,000 gets you: Click here

$100,000+ gets you: a heck of a lot! By now you get the idea. And if you want to spend this kind of money, you really should have a free consultation with us. Click here to contact us today.

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