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BY SUZY EVANS, Fastcompany.com

01 / Apple

For dominating the business landscape, in 101 ways.

02 / Samsung

For transforming itself into a steady source of cutting-edge electronics. From Internet-enabled TVs to a camera partnership with the viral-video geniuses OK Go with its NX100 camera, Samsung has been leading innovation in design and technology across categories.

03 / Microsoft

For turning the human body into a game controller. Kinect, the gesture-based motion-control system for the Xbox 360, wowed everyone and has revived interest in game consoles as well as the potential for Microsoft to exploit the technology to reinvent tech interfaces and controls.

04 / Panasonic

For leaping into the third dimension. The company released its first 3-D plasma TV, VT25 series, last spring, and premiered the world's first 3-D camcorder over the summer. It has also produced 3-D digital signage, such as the Staples Center's scoreboard system, the first 3-D broadcast of the U.S. Open over the summer and other 3-D products.

05 / Livescribe

For creating a smart pen that's a mainstream tool for creative business professionals and students. Last year, Livescribe released the Echo, a next-generation pen that captures everything consumers hear and write and provides quick and accurate access down the road. It's developing even more ways for users to do interesting stuff with what they capture on the pen--making deals to make them compatible with such platforms as Google Docs and the popular web service Evernote.

06 / Mavizon Technologies

For its next-gen, Internet-enabled, in-car computing system. Dubbed Mavia, it will be available early in 2011 for any make or model since 1996 (and not just new Fords). Users can take advantage of automatic emergency response, vehicle maintenance alerts, GPS tracking and mapping, Facebook/Twitter and other social media, among other features.

07 / Boxee

For introducingg the Boxee Box, a device that bridges the gap between computers, Internet content, and your living room TV.

08 / Control 4

For creating the ultimate remote, which can control lighting, temperature, security, audio and video feeds, and more.

09 / PowerBeam

For enabling wireless electricity. PowerBeam's products can deliver electricity up to 100 feet, eliminating the need for remote-control batteries, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and plug-in power.

10 / Tremont Electric

For creating a handheld power system. Its nPower PEG recharges handheld electronic devices from the kinetic energy users generate while walking, running, or biking.

My Smarter Home and Cairn Control Systems is a registered dealer of Control 4 electronics.

The full article can be found here: http://www.fastcompany.com/1738917/the-10-most-innovative-companies-in-consumer-electronics

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