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Carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in Ontario
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Why professional monitoring makes sense Life Safety, Medical Emergency, Reduced Loss, and Economic Value add up to make monitoring sense.
Smarter Home & Business Monitoring with Automation Customize the security and automation to fit your home and business needs.
Interactive Security Touchscreen in designer colours! User-friendly touchscreen for your Paradox alarm system allows you to upload photos and label your own zones.  Can be used on the EVO192, SP6000, and MG5050 Paradox control panels.
Holiday Fire Safety The most common household fires are caused by fireplaces, space heaters, candles, and stoves.  Learn how to prepare, plan, and prevent to make your home safe for the holidays.
Things to consider when building an in-law or nanny suite Tips to make multi-generation living work for everyone.
Protect yourself from fire

Radiant Barrier Foil is like putting your house under an umbrella on a hot day.  There is no R value but this shiny, aluminum-based foil material reflects energy in super-heated attics.  Simply spread a single layer over your existing attic insulation.  Use a perforated foil with small holes to allow moisture to escape.  If your attic has less than R40 or R50, add more before adding foil.

Skylights that open offer enormous relief during summer heat waves.  By letting air rise up and out of the highest parts of your home, air is free to flow in through windows and up through all floor levels.  It’s estimated to cut air conditioning needs by half.

A covered verandah instead of a deck provides shade with open-air ventilation, providing the most cooling action from a breeze.  This is an example of reducing the indoor heat level by design rather than energy use. 

Manage basement humidity in the summer by keeping all basement windows closed and use a dehumidifier to keep under 70.  In the winter, open basement windows and shut off the dehumidifier.

Attic ventilation can be controlled with an electric attic ventilation fan.  Temperature can decrease from 60C to 35C with the addition of a fan.  The attic vent area should be 1/150 of the total attic floor area to ensure proper air movement to prevent air being drawn upwards from inside your house through cracks light fixtures, fans, and hatches.

Excerpt from The Toronto Star, By Steve Maxwell, home improvement and woodworking columnist.

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