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Hunter Douglas - Your Windows Deserve Better

Would you go out for a night on the town without looking your best? How about entertaining, while, your house seems as if it hasn’t been cleaned in 17 months? So why wouldn’t you treat your windows in the same  fashion? Lucky for you there is a solution for your dated window coverings.

Hunter Douglas is one of the biggest household names in fashionable blinds and window coverings. Haven’t heard of them? Well pay attention; we have some valuable information that can show you what is new and exciting in the world of window fashions, and hopefully your windows won’t have to be embarrassed anymore.

Style is a very large concern for Hunter Douglas. They have devoted themselves to bringing the best quality of blinds and coverings without sacrificing the style and fashion that must come with good blinds. Some of the more popular types are

-          Country Wood Blinds –   These high-end wood coverings are known for their furniture-grade finishes. These are a natural accent to your interior and can provide character to your natural decor

-          Silhouettes with UltraGlide – These transform light sunlight into remarkable beauty. The fabric veins provide precise lighting control

-          Duette PowerRise with Platinum Technology – These blinds offer luminous  colors and true, crisp pleats. The state of the art design provides a high level of energy efficiency.

One of the biggest concerns of any household is energy management. When was the last time your current blinds offered to save you money? It has probably been a while. Hunter Douglas offers a few options to help keep cash in your bank account.  The Duette mention above is one of the most energy efficient coverings they offer. It provides insulation to your windows, to either keep heat in, or keep heat out. To go along with this, a new innovation they call Platinum Technology has a couple accessories to help lighten your wallet.

-          Energy Sensor – This device is placed on the inside of your window, and measures the heat of the window. When coupled with PowerRise technology it will raise and lower your shades in order to maintain the warm air or cool air in your house.

-          Timer – This device has been seen before. This allows you to program your shades to open or close on schedule. Example, during peak temperature hours of the day in the summer, you can program your shades to close in order to keep that expensive air conditioning confined to your home.

Probably the most exciting thing for a tech junkie like me, is Hunter Douglas blinds can be integrated to the most technologically advanced home automation systems. You can program motorized blinds to do just about anything you like. Want to have all the blinds in your home close at night with the touch of a button, or at 11pm? How about waking up with them rising to let in all the morning sunshine? Just about anything you can imagine you can do when integrated with a home automation system.

Hopefully now you are a little more familiar with what Hunter Douglas blinds can provide, as well as what can benefit you, and your windows.

My Smarter Home is a registered dealer of Hunter Douglas window fashions and Home Automation customer integrator. 

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