PCR Tire factory
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Passenger car tire:
SIZE: Passenger car tire 195/60R15-205/65R15
Tire Design: Radial
Type: Tubeless
Brand name: LONGWAY
Width: 201mm-209mm
Diameter: 615mm-647mm
Product features:
Deeper tread depth
Heavier weight than most of other brands from China.
Scientific workshop & production Management.
Advanced & Complete Laboratory Equipment.
Tire tread features
* New guide wheel pattern, middle longitudinal pattern design, with excellent guiding function.
* Vertical straight groove, lower rolling resistance, more fuel saving.
* Optimize the rigid distribution of patterns and make the wear more uniform.
* Fine groove design increases the handling and safety of wet slippery pavement.

Tire applicability
* Applicable vehicle guidance wheel.
* Suitable for tractors and trucks.
* Suitable for paved roads such as highways and national highways.
Shanghai XunJin Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and has a history of 23 years. The company has established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 100 parts manufacturing companies in China, and has been well received by users.
♦ Excellent safety performance
♦High-wearing feature, long life tire
♦ Better shock-absorbing capacity, more comfortable tire
♦ Low noise, environmentally friendly green tire
♦ Good air maintenance, refractory and durable ageing
♦ Unique formula design,low heat generation,wear resistance
♦ Unique air barrier formula and tirebead design
♦ Low rolling resistance tire
♦ The structure of four linear pattern grooves endows the tire with the advantageous straight-line driving performance and eccentric wear resistance
PCR Tire factory

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