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How many types of electric skateboard wheels are there?

Electric skateboard wheels are very diverse, they have many types for you to choose from. Based on specific criteria, wheels are divided into many different types. In this article, I will list some popular groups of electric skateboard wheels. If you want to be immersed in the world of electric boards, then eSkateBuddy is a destination to go.


Depending on the material used, wheels are divided into 2 main types: 

Pneumatic tires: are good for off-road riding as they can handle debris well.

Urethane wheels: This type of wheel is smaller, stiffer, and lighter, providing flexible mobility on the street. To read more information about this type of wheels, read here: The Urethane electric skateboard wheels and all you need to know about them

Core placement

Based on the core positioning, the wheel has 3 types:

Center set


Side set

Core type

There are two main types of core in skate wheels which are larger core and smaller core.

The shape of wheels

The most common type of wheel we see are rounded wheels. In addition, a less common type of wheel is the square wheels, also known as shark wheels.

The wheels are very diverse in color and pattern. Many models are equipped with LED lights that glow in the dark. There are also wheels decorated with distinctive patterns that look very cool. Once lost in the world of electric skateboard wheels, you will be spoiled for choice of models that reflect your personality. 

The wheel is the part that I love the most. With each different type of wheel, I have a different experience. Up to now, I have been using electric skateboards for 5 years and have used hundreds of different types of wheels. It was a wonderful experience.

Let’s go and get to know more about esk8 at eSkateBuddy Blog. Good bye and have fun!

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